The Journey Begins

The Journey actually began long ago, we’ve simply arrived at another fork in the road. However, I simply couldn’t get myself to delete this grandly optimistic title that WordPress inserted as a placeholder.

I’ve missed WordPress. I’ve missed the ease with which I can speak my mind and leave it out there, for better or worse. I’ve tried blogging within my own all-encompassing web site but it proved to be a major undertaking to actually post anything. I’ve also missed being able to efficiently add and adjust products in my store.

As such, I’m at the end of the billing cycle with my existing host and I’m changing platforms. This time around I’ve decided to go back to a distributed approach, using tools that are exceptionally good at what they do, and linking them back to each other.

For musings, updates, and what have you—Hello! You’ve arrived. My goal is to focus my time here, tagging what seems important, and otherwise attempting to remain off of Facebook as much as I can. Perhaps I’ll wean off of Instagram in time. Or perhaps those two devils will remain a part of my social presence, used to my advantage instead of to my need.

On the e-commerce end of the stick, I’m moving to Big Cartel. It’s a bit more restrictive than the existing Lemonstand platform, but not in any way that truly matters (my difficulties with shipping will only ever be satisfied by moving to a full Enterprise-grade solution and I’ll likely never be shilling prints at that level). I’m in the throes of switching domain hosts and setting up redirects. It should be complete in the next 24 hours or so.

Beyond this, the projects continue to align. At this moment, there is a Mardi Gras themed print release going on at Kickstarter. There are also rumblings going on elsewhere, such as the strange case of these infernal cards appearing every day or so. Who knows what mischief shall be born of this?

In this, as with this new approach to all things Gilley van Weirden, time will tell.

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