The Journey Continues

This seems a good time to further despoil my shiny, vacuous, blog.

Progress continues on the mysterious deck of Mme. Pandorica Doberge (spoilers ahead). I’m back to a place where you can expect me to start posting newly discovered cards again (although you must remain ever vigilant against red herrings).

The seeming pause in updates has been due to the ugly work of pre-production and logistics, as well as creative efforts that must remain hidden from view. My hands have been quite full…

On the one hand, I’ve been pulling together the symbolic language, encryption keys, and onion-like layers of the multi-part puzzle that awaits the keen-eyed and clever. Yes, Virginia, this is a puzzle deck. Additionally, there’s the story itself: who is Pandorica Doberge, what are the circumstances surrounding her mysterious disappearance, and Why Should Anyone Care? The puzzle and the story must, naturally, complement one another and develop in tandem.

On the other hand, having crunched, re-crunched, and further crunched the numbers, I believe that I will be able to produce a complete deck of 52 cards with a retail price of $35.00. This is inclusive of the puzzle that it contains, so it’s both a puzzle deck and a facetious oracle deck if you’re clever, or simply an oracle deck that mocks your inability to solve puzzles if you’re not. What are your thoughts on this price point? Please leave them in the comments.

On the third hand, I’ve also been sketching concepts for a border that will pull together all of the visual elements on each card (for there’s more than the drawing and the title to contend with now). Having experimented with a number of concepts in Adobe Illustrator, the only thing I’m certain of is that I will draw the border free-hand. As much as I appreciate the ease of use, I still contend that purely digital design too often lacks soul.

On the final hand, there are other aspects of this Gordian enterprise that I cannot, and will not, discuss in the open. I will say, however, that one or more of you professionals may soon find me at your door bearing lucre and a filthy proposal.

In other news, I’m working through Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass on writing. I’ve barely scraped the surface, but it’s Neil, so it’s Quite Lovely and Good. The course is rather well produced, and should I actually learn how to construct a story and think like a writer instead of a reader, then I think it time well spent.

I’m also a hotelier now, but that’s a story for another time.

Comments? I’d appreciate them. Questions? I’ll answer them. You can also subscribe so as to be alerted whenever I publish a new post (the link is at the masthead up above). There is, as the wise person said, no accounting for taste.

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